If you have a passion for car racing, you should note that it can make you addicted to it. You have probably seen on TV the crew changing the tire of the cars since the racing speed will affect a lot of components as it heats up quicker than a regular drive.

Oil Change

car racingFor a car to increase its speed, the piston ought to move quickly, pushing the crank. Therefore, there is a need to ensure the capacity of lubrication present between mechanism is sufficient. Usually, oil is used in smoothening components of a car. However, if the oil is not used, then the parts will wear out and may cause danger. Therefore, the engine must have adequate oil. You have to keep checking each time. Any component that gets damaged must be replaced by a new element.


During racing, tires will warm up. Since the car travels at high speed, the tires get hotter due to minimal friction. It is vital to note that when you start a race, you will need to alter the tires to ensure they last long. Tear and wear are bound to distort the car slightly, making it difficult to handle. Avoid using tires with shallow threads. That is because there is low suspension as a result of a little range of air that surrounds the tire.

Align Wheels

Since the lower suspension of the vehicle will drive over humps because of minimal absorption force, you have to ensure the racing wheels are balanced and aligned properly. You should note that the unbalancing of the tire makes you lose control of the car. As a result, the tremendous turns of the wheel and axle can end up causing the car to flip over.

Braking System

car racing sportYou have to check the braking fluid before you hit the race track. Remember that when you drive fast, you are bound to use the brake quite a lot. Therefore, there is a need to have adequate brake fluid. You should note that the fluid will help you overcome the horrible feeling that comes with boiling the braking system.


You need to put on a helmet before you get to the track. In fact, having proper headgear can help you get a lot. For instance, the racing helmet can attach to the fire-resistant lids and should be approved. Also, ensure you get a helmet that is within your budget range.