Using Gmail to send fax is the best way to incorporate the use of technology in sending fax. Unlike popular belief, using fax is not old-fashioned. In the modern day, it is possible to incorporate fax with Gmail and maximize the efficiency of your fax experience. If you have never thought about using Gmail to send fax, then it is time to consider the experience and benefit from this technology. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using Gmail to send fax.

Advantages of using Gmail to send fax

Easy to maintain

The traditional fax machine is difficult to maintain. You have to repair the fax machine once it breaks down. There is the downtime that is involved in the process of repairing the fax machine can be frustrating not forgetting about the cost involved. However, with Gmail fax, you don’t have to worry about breakdowns because everything is done on through email. The cost involved in sending fax through Gmail is close to zero, and this is important for businesses that are trying to cut cost.

traditional fax machine

Good for heavy users

Some businesses and companies send a lot of emails every day. If you send a substantial number of emails every day, then it is time to consider looking for a good Gmail fax account. Once you decide to use Gmail fax for your business, you will get a good package from the company that is offering the services.


If you are an environment conservancy champion, then you will appreciate the paperless nature of the Gmail fax service. You now don’t have to worry about fax messages printed on papers. Everything is sent to the email. With Gmail fax, you can save the environment because you will not be using paper for your fax service. You will also save on the cost that is used in buying papers.



Using Gmail fax is quite efficient compared to using the traditional fax machine. With the traditional fax machine, getting a signal is sometimes a problem. You also have to deal with interruption of the signal that keeps happening all the time when you are sending a message of even receiving a message.