A trampoline is a recreational device for bouncing, consisting of a piece of strong fabric that is stretched over a frame by using some coiled springs. The very first modern trampoline was built in the year 1936 for gymnastics and diving competition for adding entertainment to the performance. Later in the year 1942, it was being made commercially; it was generically known as the rebound tumbler. In the year 1960, it became a recreational activity and was commercialized in the jump centers and the trampoline parks. So, in no way you can say that the trampoline is for kids only.

Family entertainment

There are many reasons for having a trampoline for family entertainment and healthy outdoor activity. Regular jumping on a trampoline brings many health benefits to children and adults.

  • It encourages outdoor activity for the whole family regardless of age and gender.
  • It is considered as the low impact exercise as it is easy on the joints.
  • The rebounding exercise on trampoline improves the postural and the coordination-balance of the body.
  • Researches have proved that it is even better than running.
  • It helps in losing weight and muscle control.
  • It keeps the heart and lungs active as they are fully functioning while jumping.
  • It keeps the bones strong and healthy.

With all the benefits of having a trampoline, one must have the right trampoline for himself and his family, keeping in view the size and shape that best fits the requirements.

boy jumping on trampoline

Following are a few things that should be considered before investing in purchasing a trampoline.


The trampoline that is 10 feet and above in size are best for adults.


The trampoline should be an enclosure for the safety purposes and to avoid any accidents. It should also be having a ladder.


trampoline The looks and the right shape of the trampoline decide the life and longevity of it. It can be round or rectangular in shape. The stringer strings of the trampoline decides its longevity as it is the basic of this device.

Trampoline is not only an entertainment but also the best exercise for all ages. Kids take it as an entertainment and adults takes it as an exercise for building a healthy body. All in all, it is the best family outdoor entertainment with all the health benefits. Spend healthy and quality time with your family in your backyard in summer and spring.

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