Many companies specialize in offering moving services. Some of these are mere startups whereas others are experienced in providing these services. When planning to move or relocate, you should purpose to find the right moving company. Else, you might find yourself losing your valuables. It is prudent to work with a moving company that prides itself on offering top relocation services to avoid losing or damaging items in transit, That said, what does a moving company do differently? Here are some services offered by professional movers.

Packingwood Packing

Packing is one of the most valuable services offered by moving companies. The main idea behind help with packing to minimize or eliminate the chances of losing or damaging items in transit. There are different packaging services offered depending on your individual needs.

  • Full service

This service is provided to someone that wants to move every item in their possession. As such, the moving company is tasked with packing each and every item. Depending on your level of trust or the agreement, this can be done under your supervision or not.

  • Fragile only

This service is offered to someone that wants to transport or pack fragile items only. As such, working with a professional will provide you with the benefit of packing your items in a way that they can not be damaged.

  •  Self packing

In case you would wish to pack your valuables on your own, there is an option of getting the packing materials from the moving company and packing on your own. Moreover, a good company should be in a position to offer you a helping hand or some tips to carry out the task successfully.

Loading and unloading

This is another service offered by residential movers. After all items have been packed well, loading them into the trucks for transit is usually not an easy process. The employees will load and unload your items on the truck. Moreover, they can also use special handling equipment like forklifts just in case the items need special handling.


There are instances when you are planning to move, but not everything is sorted. In such instance, you should work with a mover that provides you with some storage space till you are ready. However, in most cases, this service always comes at an additional cost.

Besides residential moving, most movers also have transport packages for office moving, local moving and even international moving. A good mover should ensure your good reach the desired destination in one piece. The only way to getting the right one lies in looking at their certifications, insurance, reviews and conducting a personal inquiry based on your individual demands.