Parenting could take many styles. Parents prioritize family and home. That is why they could take several measures that are steady with their individual approach to dealing with children. When you become a parent, you are bombarded with help and advice on how to bring up kids. You start getting advice from family and friends on how best to raise children. Here we have the basic parenting styles


mother and daughterIt is parenting style were the parents exert their control over their children by being in control all the time. This is achieved by setting up strict rules, and the kids have to adhere to these rules all the time and any deviation from this can be controlled by punishments of various types. In this kind of parenting styles, the children are not given any choices and options as they are supposed to obey the rules at all times.

Needless to say that this kind of parenting is bereft of much love and affection. On the other hand, the proponents of this style of parenting might argue that they are doing this because they love their children, but you need to remember that love has to be a two-way thing and you can not control it by setting up rules and regulations.


Permissive parenting is possibly the most relaxed of all the parenting styles. Here there are no strict rules to follow or any rules to follow for that matter. These parents don’t want to be tied down by rules and regulations, and they need their children to be free, even when it becomes to making important choices. Even though this way of parenting has its merits but it can be misused by the children because the parents have no control over them and some of the decisions made by the youngsters can have adverse effects on them.


In the democratic style of parenting, the children are given clear and concise instructions on how they are expected tofather and son on beach behave and valid reasons are provided as to why this is expected of them. This is enforced by regular monitoring of the children’s behaviour to make sure that the rules and regulations are being adhered to in the proper manner.

In the democratic type of parenting styles, the children’s good behaviour is rewarded and encouraged, so the children start to form good habits. Any bad behaviour is discouraged with an explanation as to why it is unreasonable and the consequences of such behaviour. So the children are encouraged to behave in a proper manner by teaching them instead of simple punishments.