Minerals such as calcium, manganese and magnesium carbonate are the primary constituents that make water to be termed as hard. These minerals may not necessarily cause harm to your body, but over time, they may accumulate in pipes and other home appliances resulting to blockage of pipes as well as shortened life of your appliances such as water heaters. A water softener can do you the trick by dissolving the minerals. All you need to do is to purchase a water softener to take care of the situation. In addition, for a better buying decision, you can check comparisons on this site. However, before you do that, consider the following few tips for buying a water softener.

The Capacity


washMost families require a large water softener to be able to handle the family’s needs. However, you may find yourself paying for unnecessary capacity. Thus, to avoid this mistake, make an effort to determine that water needed by the family on a daily basis. In order to determine your needs, multiply the total number of the members of the family by 75. In most cases, that is how much water each person uses each day.

Water Hardness


First of all, you need to know how hard your water is before you go out to purchase a water softener. To test for the hardness, you can make a point of buying a home test kit, or you can call a water testing company to conduct the test for you.

For the home kit, a strip is used of which will turn to a particular color when dipped in the water. The color changes based on the quantity of minerals contained in the water. For other test kits, you dip a tablet in the water. The water changes color indicating the hardness of the water.

Double Tank System


water tabWater softeners have a tank that contains materials that help remove minerals as water enters the tank. Recharging is done to flush off minerals from the water softening material in a second tank that contains salt water. The double tank system helps to keep soft water available at all times. A small double tank system is more economical than one large one. However, if you have a large family, then the small double tank is not ideal for you.

The Type Of Water Softener


Though the amount of salt that is added to the water as softening take place is not much, if you are highly concerned about your salt intake, it is advisable to buy another type of water softener. In addition, reverse osmosis filters on the tap can eliminate salt from the water. In order to ensure that the water passes through pipes without leaving behind scale, electronic or magnetic water softeners can be used to alter the magnetic properties of the minerals.